Content Ideas for a Company Blog

There’s no better way to get your website noticed than by filling it with great content, and one of the best ways to add more to your online presence is with a great company blog. Of course, to reap the benefits of that blog, it needs to be updated and updated often. In my experience, the toughest thing about maintaining a blog isn’t the actual writing; it’s coming up with things to write about. Here are five great ways to come up with content for your blog.

Frequently Asked Questions: If you’ve been in your field for a while, odds are good that people already look to you as an resource. Whether they’re clients, professional associates or friends and family, they come to you whenever they have questions about topics related to your business. Look to every question as an opportunity; make a mental (or physical) note and turn the answer into a blog post.

Industry News: Remember, you’re an expert in your field. When there’s a change in regulations, a new product hitting the market or any other major development, it’s your job to explain to your readers how that change will affect their lives. Cut through as much of the industry jargon as possible to make the news understandable to lay readers.

How-To Articles: There’s no better way to build relationships with your customers than to teach them something valuable.  Clear, step-by-step instructions are good; pictures and diagrams to make the content come alive are even better. Don’t forget to remind your readers that they can always contact you for more information.

Employee Spotlights: Your website isn’t just a way to find new customers; it’s a tool to help you build and maintain relationships with your existing customers. People can’t build relationships with text on a screen; they need to meet other people! Highlight one of your employees and his or her contributions to the company; include both a photo and a brief bio. Potential and returning customers alike will feel as though they’re really getting to know your team.

Local Connections: Not everything on your blog has to be directly related to your business. Writing about your community or service area is a great way to connect with your customers; as a bonus, it’s an opportunity to slip in location-specific keywords. Just be sure to include a paragraph or two about your company at the end.


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